About Sarah Blin, Partage Consulting’s founder

In partnership with citizens and organisations in over a dozen countries, I have worked for many non-governmental organisations in emergency and in development programmes in the past 25 years. With senior management roles, I had the space to push for approaches that address the deeper factors that leave some in unacceptable poverty and that perpetuate policy choices that make societies unequal and deprive citizens of opportunities.

My journey started in war-torn Burundi where I managed two unique programmes that were fully embedded in the national health and social service provision, challenging the dominant approach to stand alone foreign-led programming.

Later, I was at the heart of the decentralisation reform in Mozambique and ensured that the voice of communities could be a full part of planning and budgeting choices and created bridges with the first post-war conversations on social protection reform.

In Nepal, I brought together the main actors on social protection to better grasp the issues and gaps in universal social protection for persons with disabilities.

In Zimbabwe, I led a major digital cash plus programme and established the necessary linkages with nutrition and child protection programming.

In Kenya, I supported social workers in ultra-poor urban dwellings to bring forward their experience as part of discussions on early childhood development and prevention of violent extremism.

Across West Africa, I supported the strengthening of the care workforce to address the gaps in supporting people living with disabilities.

I believe that the benefits for the most vulnerable come when we fully grasp complexities (multi-sector, multi-actor, multi-subsidiarity). Universal social protection is a game changer for lower income countries and for the way in which we design ‘aid ‘programmes. That change will happen if connections with other care and support services are made and continuity in support along the lifecycle is organised. It will happen if good governance across the sector is in place.

My expertise is also built on the continuous learning that accompanied my practice: public health, public policy and administration, migration, social protection policy. I keep up to date with the latest research and publications on these issues. This is a field that is constantly evolving, and I am avid hunter of the ‘approaches that work’.

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Sarah Blin's abridged resume

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Skype : sarah.e.blin


A social policy expert, bringing over 20 years of development and humanitarian practice as a leader of large teams in complex environments, I have served to provide guidance and support to country teams to form strategic alliances with national partners, to influence programme plans and strategies; to develop capacity; to enhance financial resources, to advocate for change; and represented organisations’ goals and strategies with high-level donor and government officials. Areas of expertise include: social protection, social work, disability, mother and child health, resilience, gender, education, protection.  


Country Director



2019- current

Country Representative

Terre des hommes


2018 – 2019

Country Director

Save the Children


2016 –2018

Country Director

Handicap International


2012 –2016


Association of International NGOs


2014 –2016

Desk Officer LAC, WSA

Handicap International


2008 – 2012

Deputy Desk Officer

Handicap International


2008 – 2008

Governance &
Partnership Coordinator



2006 – 2007

Assistant Country Director

Concern Worldwide


2003 – 2006 

Emergency Response Director

Concern Worldwide



Health and Education Field Officer

Concern Worldwide


2001 – 2002

Project Manager

France Volontaires


2000 – 2001

Gender Advisor


African Great Lakes

1999 – 1999 

Research Associate Food Systems and Gender


Various locations

1996, 1995, 1993


Master of Arts (M.A.) in Anthropology of Development, School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London, 1997 – 1998

Master of Science (MSc) in Development Studies (Economics, Agronomy) ISTOM, 1993 – 1997 (combined BSc/MSc program)


Certificate in Circular Economy, TU Delft, Netherlands, 2019

Certificate in International Labour Migration, Oxford University, London, 2016

Diploma in Social Protection, International Labour Organisation International Training Centre, Turin, 2014

Diploma in Public Policy and Management, School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London, 2006

Diploma in Public Health in Complex Emergencies, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, 2001


Training of trainers  (CCI, France), Developmental Facilitation (CDRA, RSA) Management in NGOs  (The Management Centre, UK), Rights based programming (HREA), Conflict resolution  (CECI),  Security and Risk Management Training (Act Alliance), Humanitarian Practice and Principles (Concern), Leading for high performance (Save the children), Feminist leadership (Oxfam)


French; English; Portuguese; Nepali; Spanish; Italian; German


Member of ICSW; Board member of GE2P2 Global Foundation