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Stakeholders of social protection

ILO Social Protection https://www.ilo.org/secsoc/lang–en/index.htm

Weekly social protection review https://www.ugogentilini.net/

Events and sharing https://socialprotection.org/

IRIS https://www.iris-france.org/humanitaire-et-developpement/

ODI Equity and Social Policy Programme https://odi.org/en/about/our-work/equity-and-social-policy/social-protection-esp/

OPM Social Protection Programme https://www.opml.co.uk/our-expertise/poverty-empowerment/social-protection

EPRI https://epri.org.za/

CaLP https://www.calpnetwork.org/

SOCIEUX http://socieux.eu/

We Social Movement https://www.wsm.be/

IPC-IG https://ipcig.org/

World Bank https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/socialprotection

URD Group https://www.urd.org/en/

Partage’s Reading List

Handbook on Social Protection Systems, Edward Elgar Publishing, January 2022

A complete overview of how systems are built, whether adaptative or mainstream, in the light of progress made during COVID. The leading thinkers in the field including former colleague Larissa Pelham on SRSP and Alexandre Cote on disability bring us to a common understanding of what the next decade expects of us in the field of social protection.

Home Economics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work, Linda Burnham Nik Theodore, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Center for Urban Economic Development, DataCenter, 2012

This is an old report but a striking review of the combined issues of the informal economy and the car economy – here reviewed in the United States but with so many learnings for other contexts. The work of the NDWA is ground breaking and shows the powerful force of (emerging or not)  civil society voices in welfare policy issues.

On Demand and Up to Date? Dynamic Inclusion and Data Updating for Social Assistance, Barca, V.; Hebbar, M. March 2020

This report demonstrates the potential on-demand registration; it struck me that as some countries are still struggling to trust that cash can be given to vulnerable people, others have gone ahead and simplified the welfare system in a win-win solution for users who can enter and exit and for administrators who forego of complex targeting mechanism.

Crisis(es) and emergencies in times of covid-19: what added value for humanitarian actors in France? Johanna Baché, Urd Group November 2021

A support overview of two years of thinking on humanitarian practice when you cannot travel, when you are expected in your own country and when you put indigenous organizations in the driving seat.

Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work, ILO, 2018

Before COVID-19, and in the context of a reflection on the informal workforce, the ILO put together an issues paper on the care economy. ‘Untainted’ by COVID-19 and the fad on frontline workers and social protection, the publication brings useful insights into the challenges of the sector and some very interesting experiments globally.