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Positioning paper: Options for an Inclusive Shock Responsive Social Protection system in Nepal - written for Humanity and Inclusion, Oct 2022 DOCX 08/12/2022
List of UNHCR/National government’s cash assistance programs in Ukraine’s border countries (as advertised on UNHCR’s website) PDF 04/04/2022
The morphing of social protection mechanisms in support of Ukrainians affected by war – notes and ideas PDF 04/04/2022
The Case for Cash in the Covid response in Nepal PDF 19/11/2020
A critical review of labour emigration policies in Nepal, Sarah Blin, March 2016 PDF 04/03/2016
Key Issues- Social Protection and Disability in Nepal A roadmap proposed by Sarah Blin, country director Handicap International, January 2015 PDF 17/01/2015
Active age social protection in Nepal, Profile and Options PDF 15/11/2014
Study on gouvernance and political action in western and southern Africa PDF 19/12/2007
The Politics of the District Budget PDF 12/05/2007
Social Protection: what is it and why is it of interest to CARE? CARE International – Internal Briefing Paper PDF 15/02/2007
Social protection (and its relevance for local governance): a working paper PDF 19/04/2006