World Bank Spring Meetings & Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks 2022

PARTAGE CONSULTING - Sarah Blin - Conseil indépendant et militant en protection sociale inclusive et développement international | Events in 2022

I will be attending the public events of the World Bank Spring Meetings. You can register here:  These events are important to understand how global commitments to humanitarian and development practice are reflected in financial and technical partnerships between the World  Bank and recipient countries. I will be attending the session on global shocks, digitalisation and rising fragility.

I also encourage everyone to look at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW 2022) program that will cover many of the most relevant topic in humanitarian action in the backdrop of COVID and the midst of the Ukraine crisis. There are sessions on localization, on cash and social protection, on disability and on innovations that are all relevant to the future of SRSP. Check out the program: