PARTAGE Consulting

Social protection along the nexus

About Partage Consulting

Partage Consulting was set up to support sustainable humanitarian and development practice: adaptative social protection, localised ownership and financing, a nexus approach to fragility, sound and ethical governance.

Partage Consulting is about the sharing of values, ideas, resources on the question of redistribution of wealth locally and globally and on the centrality of social work. It proposes realistic and manageable solutions to wealth distribution and valued care work. 

We support collective voices and collective action. 

Partage Consulting is part of a network of institutional and individual actors in this field, bringing a multi-sector and multi-level lens to the welfare protection of vulnerable citizens. 


Social protection programming

  • Country mapping
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborative design of social protection programmes
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder dialogue and consultation across civil society, international partners, labour actors and national government
  • Facilitating access to knowledge on the latest trends in social protection
  • Support thinking and design in the area of identification, targeting, registration, coverage, communication and access to social protection and other services
  • Support in understanding the needs and profiles of target populations especially marginalised social groups, people living with disabilities, women heads of households, etc. Support the design of categorical schemes and programs

The care economy and access to services

  • Support thinking, advocacy and programme design that incorporates social protection as part of social service provision
  • Advise on social protection financing and the role of civil society within it.
  • Support to the integration of humanitarian protection concepts and social protection in programmes and policies
  • Advice on inclusive programming and monitoring

Adaptative Social protection

  • Programme design and review of adaptive social protection programmes and/or transformative humanitarian cash
  • Digital cash transfers methods and approaches
  • Anticipatory cash transfer schemes methods and approaches
  • Humanitarian cash response design and review

Humanitarian-development nexus and locally-led action

  • Design approaches that stimulate the voice and power national and local civil society actors
  • Design and advise on systems strengthening for disaster response and resilience

Coordination, knowledge sharing/management and production

  • Provide support in the coordination of cash response and social protection
  • Support dialogue across agencies around policy design and financing
  • Train and transform through knowledge

Partage Consulting can also provide support in setting up protection and safeguarding frameworks, team design, management processes, strategy design, operations manuals.